Saturday, 28 March 2015

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Car Parking Needs Improving at Hawthorn Park School

We need more parking spaces if the facilities run at and near Hawthorn Park are to continue on that site. The School, Jigsaw Centre, and Childrens' Centre staff, plus visitors share a car park which is not large enough, at normal times, and which suffers at peak school collection times. Parking overflows onto Enfield Close opposite, and frequently visitors park on grass verges. An effort needs to be made to create more parking spaces in this area.

See my report at

parking outside of marked bays in the car park
Highways have already responded to my request saying the area will be inspected, and then they'll need to cost out a plan and find a budget IF it's something they feel needs doing. So here's some more evidential support to help make the case that it should be done.

grass verge parking

parking in a hatched area

parking on "grass verge" - actually, it's mud now!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Enfield Close Trees Crowned

The three ash trees in Enfield Close were crowned today. Lower limbs were trimmed last week.

The team were back again today to do some serious crowning.

What I don't understand is why at least one of the trees, the one in the middle, hasn't been taken out altogether. In my view, and to be fair, the view of those doing this work, is that that tree should come out altogether to allow the other two to get more moisture and thrive.

As it stands, the condition of the limbs was poor due to lack of moisture, and the ground is rising around the bases, a sure sign that the trees can't get enough water. The tree nearest the path is forcing up the tarmac on the footpath creating a trip hazard.

I'm having a walkabout next Tuesday with a CBC officer to specifically look at the ward's trees.

M1 Junction 11a Making Progress

In a week that has seen ceremonial turf being turned for the official start of the A5-M1 Link Road in the north of Houghton Regis parish, I had a look at the works going on around the Sundon Road bridge.

The bridge itself is due for demolition at some point, to be replaced with a new bridge. So that'll be the M1 closed one weekend. The homes around the Sundon Rd/Luton Rd junction at Chalton Cross are subject to compulsory purchase and subsequent demolition.

EA asked to take action over Houghton Brook (Again)

I got onto the  Environment Agency the other day to request that they had a go at Central Bedfordshire Council, or at least their contractors, for the logs and other debris that they have allowed to fall into the Houghton Brook.   I want to see good management of the building of this Woodside Link road that fully takes into account the wildlife in the area, as well as stream life. Sadly it's too late for some creatures whose homes have gone, and they have had to move on, too. 

The width of trees taken down for this road through the woodland, that lays between parkside and Lewsey Farm, I'm sure is far too wide.

Litter in Houghton Brook.