Round Robin written 5th April 2003

Hello Everybody,
Thank you for all of your news. 26th January was my last write-up, so I ought to have something to say.

Nice big rooms in the three bedroom flat in Blackpool. Shame about the commuting distance. As for values of property, see the enclosed from this weeks Herald Express in Hemel Hempstead.

Fascinating to read about your Mum’s imaginary win on celebrity shares. I haven’t had any imaginations like that, although the manager in my section at Xerox says the Xerox share price has doubled in the last 3 months. Wait and
see what happens when their next product comes out of development from Welwyn Garden City. I think it might fall.

We have spent months testing the developed work with the fax part of the latest machine, only to discover that they are so far behind that they have to drop the fax for product launch.

Interesting to discover that Graham is thinking of moving to Cornwall. Look up our relatives in Camborne.

So, have I got something to say?
I launched a revamped web site on 17th March. Deducting the 71 trial hits I made on I have had 850 hits on that page since. However, the income I started to get has dropped off. Maybe because people try to sell their timeshare more positively when they get the demand to pay their maintenance charge for the year in December and January.

Nothing happening new on the interview scene. Looks like I am stuck on peanuts at Xerox for awhile yet.

The children still visit at weekends. They enjoy playing some games I down-loaded from the Internet. Unfortunately, Robert is rather more hooked on some of them than I wish he was. He gets quite annoyed when I ask him to come off after an hour and half. Meantime, Melissa gets quite hooked, too, and is sometimes distracted from her homework. I am surprised there is quite a lot of homework for her to do sometimes. She is only seven. Her teacher, Mr Heaps, is quite young. Melissa’s class has not had a regular teacher for the past 2 years, and he is making quite a difference.

Apparently he gets in at 7.30 every morning to get things sorted before the children get in. Melissa has been placed in the top group for everything as she is doing very well.

When we had a parent and child evening Mr Heaps explained that Melissa and four others had been given special extra tasks to get on with after they had done their regular work. They are compiling a rocks and soils collection. On a visit to the library in Luton she took out a large book about Rocks and found that quite interesting. When we go to Blackpool, a trip to the caves at Ingleton (?) would go down well.

On the last half term break Melissa had me searching the Internet for information about the Ancient Greeks. After I printed out some information, I highlighted parts of it for her to copy out on a daily basis. She kept herself targeted by awarding herself one Skittle sweet for each completed paragraph. Her handwriting was very good.

High Score - Highest level
Alan 295855  - 14
Melissa 32745 -  5

Robert has written his name all by himself. That happened here last weekend. I just had to remind him what letter came next. It was quite a surprise, considering I had to drag him off the pc to make an effort at it.

The jet-set will be back from their March break soon, so I need to get this posted before they arrive. Maybe I will see this letter in Blackpool when I go up at Easter?