There was a piece on BBC tv this morning about a "fast growing" website called

Far from offering to lose a noisy neighbour's dog for you, this site actually helps people to locate their missing pooches. It's all free of charge. List your dog-napped details, or look through the site for a dog you fancy helping to track down, download and print off a poster. You stick that up on a nearby lampost to annoy the hell out of the local council trying their utmost to stop illegal fly-posting (or in this case dog-posting), and hey presto someone spots the dog, or in the case of a spotty dog, spots the spotty dog, and owner and doggie are reunited.

I haven't checked around, but there's probably a site somewhere that helps track down missing kitty's. Personally, I'd have a look down the local Chinese take-away shop first, to see if it's fur isn't in one of their bins, LOL.

To most westerners the thought of cats (or dogs, or lizards, or whatever else could possibly be a family pet) being used as a foodstuff is repulsive. But as westerners I think it hypocritical to judge those people who kill these animals for food, so long as we westerners go on killing pigs, sheep, calves, and cows, for our own foodstuffs.
Check out Google for more discussion on this topic, before coming back at me on this topic.


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