The Wonderful World of Pixels

The weekend had me all of a buzz while I caught up with the story of the 21 year old student who is selling one million pixels on his web site for one million dollars. The excitement mounts this week as the final 1000 pixels are to be auctioned on ebay. With over 2 days still to run on this auction the price of those 1000 pixels is US $160,109.09 .

As an ebayer myself, I would expect the final price to be much higher as it is common practice to try to nip in, in the last moments, with a winning bid. There are even programs around that will permit a bidder to bid "just enough" to win.

The student's success has spawned many copycats, some doing well, others floundering. But if the craze continues I might as well try it myself. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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