House Moving

At the end of July I put the flat up for sale. 3 days later I had a buyer. Within another week I had found the place I wanted to buy.
I'm still waiting to move.
The place I'm buying is holding everything up.
I had hoped to exchange contracts at the beginning of October.
Last week I was told we would exchange contracts a week ago, and complete on the 27th.
Today, we're still waiting to exchange.
Last week the hold up was the house at the top of the chain, being slow to send some paperwork to the solicitors of the person I'm buying from. This week its the person I'm buying from who has got a redemption statement from finance people he's dealing with, who have put the wrong date on that statement. I was told it could be another week before they get the paperwork with the right date on it.
Completion on the 27th? Yeah, right. I sit surrounded by cardboard boxes in my flat, waiting to see if I'll be out before Christmas.