Sunday, 16 December 2007

Another Year Over And What Have We Done?

December 2007. Another year over and what have we done?
Robert and Melissa have been on* a lot. I’ve been elected to the local Council, and recently the company I work for thought I was worth a bit more than the derisory sum I was previously being paid, so things are starting to look up.

It’s just a year since I moved to my new home in Bedfordshire, so I’ve had all the usual hassle of moving in and getting a house sorted out. Double glazing was completed in the house soon after moving in and I’ve had cavity wall insulation added. When I look back to when I moved in it felt so cold. The electric and gas meters were on cards, and I had a lot of problems getting cards that worked for me. It was such a relief when the meters were changed to pay monthly.

At the beginning of the year I rejoined the Liberal Democrats, and made a website for them – . Following on from that, I became a candidate for the local town council elections in May, and was elected. In fact the Lib Dems won all 14 seats on our town Council, as well as all 5 of the District Council elections that were held in this town on the same day. This has meant that I’ve gained access to other local people quite quickly, learnt a fair amount about my new locality, and I don’t feel like too much of an outsider.

I joined the local Bowling Green club, but never got into it. In fact the second time I went bowling, I ended up with a trapped nerve in my buttock for a week!

The town council organised its annual Carnival on the village green in the summer. I told everyone how it was going to be a grand affair with processions, and lots of activity. In the end the procession turned out to be a couple of floats and a – I’d better watch my words here – small number of walking groups. In other words, not all that I thought it was going to be. I took a picture of my daughter with a clown on the village green, and that ended up later in one of the Town Council’s newsletters. In September the village green was also the centre for a Medieval Day, complete with Pig Roast, Jousting, bows and arrows, and a mad monk. The mad monk asked the kids if I’d done anything naughty. “He made us eat our veg” was the naughtiest thing they could come up with, (is my life really that dull?) so I think the mad monk must have been on my side on that one, so I didn’t get any punishment severe enough for me to remember.

During the summer I took the children on days out to Woburn Safari Park and Abbey, Milton Keynes’ Gullivers Eco Land, Heddingham castle, Tring Natural History museum, and Hampton Court.

I would have liked to have got away a bit further during the year but I had a dizziness attack at the start of the year, that took ages to shake off. MenierĂ©s syndrome was the label given to it. I had some days when I was very sick. Even now I am on medication. We’re hoping to go to Turkey at Easter 2008, so that’s something to look forward to.

*Runescape (or Run! Escape! as I call it, which winds the kids up completely, as its rune scape to them). This interactive web-site does end up teaching the children, in a way, like what materials do you need to put together to make a sword? As I write my daughter is making virtual jewellery, and has to mine the gold, smelt it in a furnace, add jewels, and eventually she will sell them (virtually) and increase her “bank balance”. My son tells me they're “making” virtual Christmas presents for each other, online. Whatever next?

Life through the kitchen window is very entertaining on account of the fact that we looks out onto an old orchard where 3 squirrels are always scampering around.

 Hampton Court 2007

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What's in a Domain Address?

The web sites are limping along.

I've had problems, and now barely get a cent out of it.

I never put the content on a professional hosting, fearing that it would be a waste of money. was always hosted at freeserve, and when someone entered , they were actually redirected via my domain server account to:

BUT, Freeserve handed over their control to Wannabee, a French run outfit, and last year Wannabee handed it all onto Orange, the mobile telephone company.

Meanwhile, my personal webspace was also the location for - so, last year I moved to my personal webspace at

The next complication was the house move last December, and an additional complication of NTL taking over Virgin Media, and running their organisation as Virgin Media. Due to a monumental cock-up at "NTL" in the change-over they deleted all my webspace at and set me up with another web address as !!! Grr !!!

When I found out I calmly went ballistic. I'd spent ages getting up the Google ratings with the previous domain address (, and now I was wiped off the face of the earth.

I spent 4 hours reloading all the information back to the new URL, and several days after that figuring out what was missing, and getting associated "client" and advertising agencies realigned to the new URL.

A link to was always somewhere in the top 3 in Google for "timeshare sales jobs" . Try any search you like now to do with timeshare, and you'd be hard pressed to find a URL including the stem of my webpages ( . In fact "timeshare sales jobs" is currently giving the "defunct" URL stem my highest rating mid-way down page 6 (and who bothers delving that far down?).

And there's been other developments. Other competitive URLs on the scene.

The latest "" is now hosted at
The latest "" is now hosted at

So where do I go from here?

Beats me.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Learco Chindamo

From what I know (off the news) Learco Chindamo has an Italian passport, has no contact with any family members in Italy, and has become a thoroughly reformed character. That said, I am afraid I have no sympathy for Frances Lawrence, the UK wife of the man that Learco Chindamo murdered, who is now in despair that the man is not being deported back to Italy. Her attitude is one of "Little Englander". We are all human, and so far as I know, are unique in the universe. The man's crime was against humanity, (to take another's life). It strikes me that he's done his time, he has reformed, and deporting to another planet is impossible. The system set him free. Deporting him from the UK shouldn't even have been a consideration. Frances Lawrence Story.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Moved Out

Back again. I moved on December 4th. Found a house and managed to exchange within 5 weeks. Not bad going. The house was empty, All I had to do was move in. Nice surroundings.
Yesterday I had double glazing fitted upstairs, so the whole place is done now. Read thread at for information about reducing double glazing quotations.