Most Annoying Programme on BBC3

I think the most annoying thing about the years most annoying programme "Most Annoying" on BBC3 is that there's all these self appointed media watchers making mindless comments about annoying people. These pontificators live such sad lives watching people in the media. When their subjects make some cash out of it, can't the media watchers realise that it is THEM that are paying for the information? So stop watching the people in the media, stop writing about people in the media, stop making the people in the media popular enough to make other people want to buy information about them, and then they won't actually be in the media! In other words, media watchers, get a life.
It doesnt bother me that Heather Mills McCartney complained that her daughter would have to travel B class, or whatever. It it bothered you, turn the page over. Move on. Don't even buy the rag with the story in it.
It doesn't bother me that Paul Burrell messed and told lies. H did. He made money out of it. Forget it. Move on. What annoyed everyone, was that YOU, Madam commentator and you Mister pontificating pencil scratcher, wrote the crap that bored the arse off most of YOUR readers.
You found it annoying that Madonna's brother wrote a book about her sister. Come off it. Move on. He did it for the wanga. And you promoted it through medium XYX, to help make other people get annoyed not with the man, but with the magazines.
I have to say that I find the most annoying thing about the BBC 3 programme is the irritating twat who is the voice over on this programme. Who the heck are you, Mister Nobody? Your just a sour grape. Go suck a lemon. Don't make this programme ever again. You are just so annoying.