Monday, 20 April 2009

27 Months For A Life

Toby Cooke was due to go to Ghana to help build a children's hospital. Instead he ended up on the receiving end of Harrow's Graham Cahill's fist in a road-rage incident. Toby Cooke didn't recover from the knock down. He died from his injuries.

Cahill admitted manslaughter. Cahill got a pathetic 27 month prison sentence from the judge, oh and let's not forget the 18 month ban on driving. On this occasion it seems Mr Cooke was the driving menace, the type that probably would annoy me, too. It's an awfully light sentence, though, and I would expect this to be raised in the House of Commons in the near future.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hammer and Nail

If a nail is a problem, a hammer isn't the only solution.

Monday, 13 April 2009

No Reponse Yet

Central Bedfordshire Council isn't working too well yet.

Started up on 1st April, their web site merely offers rudimentary suggestions to email customer services, basically for ANYTHING, or dial a central number. So I am still waiting for a reference number to acknowlege that faulty lights I reported over a week ago on Parkside are getting through to the right people who need to sort them out.

Meanwhile, in Firefox browser, their advertorial messages on their website don't look too brilliant:

Monday, 6 April 2009

Towns Annual Meeting

Just got back from the Towns Annual Meeting for Parishioners. This must have been the shortest meeting I have ever attended at HRTC in the past 2 years!

The key chair people whipped through the activities of the year, and after 30 minutes we were asking the public for comments. The only questioner asked what are HRTC's views on gypsy and traveller sites? Our group leader David Jones, gave a potted history of things as he knew them, pointing out that SBDC's consultants certainly did not consult the town council, and expressing concern of the impact on the town's infrastructure (Schools, NHS, etc).

Cllr Rita Egan asserted that from her reading of the consultants report, she couldn't find any group or organisation that had been consulted. "So who was consulted?", she asked, and then answered her own question, "Not the Town Council! Not the people! I have grave, grave concern over the lack of consultation!"

Cllr Rita Egan went on to urge people to "raise it in the newspapers! raise it everywhere!"

The questioner urged that "As a town, we should come together, putting party politics aside."

I promised to find the questioner a link to the documents, apparently missing from a link given in a local newspaper, owing to the demise of SBDC website in favour of Central Beds. Here's the ACTIVE link for the documents. (active while I write, anyway!)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Central Beds Website

Reported two lamposts on during the daytime in Parkside Drive, via Central Beds customer service email address. Cannot seem to locate an online form to report these type of problems, like we used to get with Bedfordshire County Council. In fact the old link takes me to a page that seems to be just for Bedford problems.

Also reported a fault with their web site. Can't read white text on a white background.

I'll be watching closely to see how they respond, and how quickly.

Updated my own "Problems" web page to remove SBDC weblinks, and replace with Central Beds weblinks.