Gordon Brown's not all that bad

Mandy stuck up for Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr show this morning, and last week Gordon vented his own views. I think Mandy put it in the right terminology today, that the media are treating the whole political scene as a live reality show, with the poiticians as contestants, and the media circus treating the whole thing as a joke, goading the contestants on, in an effort to get rid of Brown. I always thought Gordon did a good job as Chancellor.
As Prime Minister, like Mandy said today, he is not a pop star, and why should he be expected to be? Lots of actions have been put into being, and the expenses of MPs will be sorted out, those MPs with immorally claims have gone from ministerial posts, or will be going - and don't forget Tories, and Labour put in what I'd call immoral claims. Yes, to a lesser extent, the Lib Dems, too. Anyway, a non-partisan team is being put together by Brown to sort out business and jobs. Give it 6 months, I think his leadership (if he can hold on) will prove to have been right on the button.