Pot Holes In Herts

People still complain about pot holes in Bedfordshire, but they are nothing compared to the mess that exists in Hertfordshire.
I am furious about the lack of work on the potholes on the Leighton Buzzard Rd, route into Hemel Hempstead, especially between Braden Lane and Pedley Hill. You have to do some serious dodging to avoid some nasty potholes here. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone has done some serious damage to tyres, or worse, at this spot.
Before June 4th Tory posters declared "Vote for Change" along this route. People voted for change and they somehow ended up with a Tory run Herts County Council again presiding over the same mess. How dare the farmers and others put up Vote for Change posters along this route while the potholes still exist?
If you go to the Hertfordshire Highways web page it says "If the fault is an immediate threat to life and limb please call the police." Well, perhaps I will.

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