"Harry" cashes in, but are Council Chiefs just Creaming It?

With Daniel Radcliffe said to be picking up £8.65m for his latest Harry Potter film, it has made be wonder what all the fuss was about with MPs expenses. Apparently there is no public outcry about actors. I guess that's all right, then?
We all come into this world with nought, and leave with nought. Something happens with money in the middle of all that.
What I want to know is, do you think £185,000 (minimum) a year is appropriate for a Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council? The argument being that this salary sits between established unitary Councils of a comparable scale (between c£140k and c£160k), and larger new unitary Councils and London Boroughs (c£200k). Personally, I'd say the figure is far too high. No one needs that kind of income to live a decent life. They could all manage on £100,000 a year less.