Salmon Fishing in The Yemen

This week I read Salmon Fishing in The Yemen by Paul Torday. Sprinkled with interesting facts about salmon, and fishing terms, the novel combines emails, newspaper reports, diary entries, and interviews to tell the story of why a government scientist is "put up" to see through an impossible project to introduce salmon fishing in the Yemen. The story gets behind the news to inform the reader about how government and diplomacy might work, and how the little man is easily walked over by those in the upper echilons. Peter Mandelsohn is easily parodied in the story as "Peter Maxwell", while Tony Blair finds his fiction self in "Jay Vent".


  1. Inever knew you could go salmon fishing in the yemen must be a different place than i am thinking about in the middle east. then click on other hubs by thor6 to read the rest.
    Take care and have a good weekend


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