My X-Factor Predictions 2009

So, the X factor judges have made their decisions about which "24" to keep in the competition. If I was a judge I wouldn't bother having a "groups" section next time, because in my opinion, none of the groups we were shown on tv had the elusive "X-factor" about them. That said, the one group that I think will have a chance at winning is the all girl group, who entered as individual solo artists, and came out of boot camp as a group on the recommendation of the judges. That alone is a sure sign that the judges also thought the standard of groups entered was poor. That means that my tip for the group to go the furthest is "Miss F.R.A.N.K". Their boot camp performance was a terrific raunchy blend of harmonies, and if they continue to gel together they should surely go far. The next group I think will go far is the twin boys, John and Edward, with the Bart Simpson hairstyles. I rather think they will appeal to some voters as much as they will turn off others. I fall into the category of voters that already finds them conceited, arrogant, and implausible, and they won't get my vote. In my mind I have already written off the the other four groups.

Moving onto the over 25's, it was Simon Cowell's remark on hearing that he had got the job of mentoring them, "this could be a really good year for me , err I mean for them", that leads me to suspect that there are going to be some clashes with his 6 stars. They're already set in their ways at over 25, and if they don't work with Cowell, he'll be quick to talk them down in the shows. I'm wondering who's hair he is going to find the most irritating? Will it be Afro man Jamie (3,238,807 views so far on YouTube video, Mohican man Daniel, hat-man Olly, short back and sides Danyl (7,385,959 views so far on YouTube video (wow!), bushy haired Nicole, or Afro lady Treyc? Jamie will go far, although as a rock performer, I think it will be cringe time in disco week, and I do wonder how he'll come across doing jazz/swing. So, while he's the best of the bunch for me, I'm not sure he's got staying power. Nicole, poured her heart out at boot camp to get through to the final six, but I think she peaked too soon, and will not appeal to many people. Treyc, I didn't think stood out for me in early performances. Olly, with his gimmicky hat, will get lots of votes in early rounds. Mohican man, I like your sincerity, but I don't think you're good enough to win.

The boys - none really stand out to me as a winner, I barely remember any of them in the auditions. There were better boys who didn't get through including the 17 year old lad who did a Michael Jackson number, he was a real natural star for me, and should have gone through. Judges, what were you thinking? So, instead we've got the hat man Rikki, nothing special about his voice or desire to win, and then there's Lloyd Daniels with the cutie-charismatic-face-in-the-crowd that will catch a large number of votes. Notice I haven't said anything about his singing. The others in the six - did nothing for me.

The girls, - I like some of these, and I rather think the overall winner is going to be in this group. So, my three favourites in this category are Stacey Solomon, Rachel Adedeji, and Lucie Jones.
Stacey is the Dagenham 21 year old girl that will appeal to the tabloids, and ultimately to their readers and these will actually vote. Despite all these hardships(!) she actually has a terrific singing voice. Stacey Soloman's (5,649,500 views so far on YouTube. So people like her, but I think she might drop off towards the end of the season's show run as little things like her large teeth and big pointy nose (sorry, but the public are fickle!) start to irritate viewers. But she could still win. Rachel Adedeji came across as professional, perhaps too professional, but I think she'll go further than the second placed group. Lucie Jones, an 18 year old student, is the girl I'd tip to top this category, and possibly the whole show. As I write, her video on YouTube has had 2,133,142 views, but I rather think that for all the different types of songs they have to do, Lucie could be the one to creep through and get enough votes across the generations. Who knows, it could be Lucie, Stacey, and Afro Jamie as they race towards the final show in December. Or perhaps, for this type of show, cutie Lloyd instead of Jamie?