A Bit of a Rumpus over a Murial

Last nights town council meeting was a productive affair, setting the year's increase in the parish precept up 1.92% for a Band D property, or an extra £2.43 a year. Plenty of value from the Lib Dem run council in a year that will see building of a new pavilion for the bowls club and footballers, and completion of two new playgrounds.

But the smallest item on the agenda produced possibly the biggest annoyance of the evening. Late last year we were told (i.e. not asked) that the town would be getting a giant beech nut (even though artistic licence is applied and it will actually look more like a horse chestnut), along with a murial to be hung on the side of the Tesco metro store in Bedford Square. Well, a picture of the murial was shown to us last night of what we would be getting (again, without any consultation) and this was tempered only by the fact that planning permission would be required, even if we aren't the planning authority. This murial features the local All Saints church. This could be construed as being divisive, as there are 3 churches in the town, besides which the placement of the murial will make it look as if commercial sponsorship is involved. Not only that but if one looks around the corner from where this is to be placed you would be able to see the real thing!

Okay, so the town isn't paying for it, it's coming from an Art fund, but people are going to think the Town council approved it. And the truth is we weren't even consulted.