Time to Call Time on the Snoopers at the TPA

The Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) has come in for criticism for its sinister and outrageous snooping attack on local councils.

Under the we-know-what-you-are-all-about website name, bigbrotherwatch.org, the TPA has poked its nose into the affairs of locally subsidised authorities. It has dared to publish information seeking to discredit the local authorities for carrying out their legitimate public services, like snooping on awful people who allow their dogs to deposit do-do's all over town, and disgraceful people who trim council hedges without council's permission.

In several startling cases the TPA has snooped in to discover that councils were simply trying to find the truth about allegations of unlicensed taxi drivers. The TPA snooping has even descended to the level of probing councils to discover if any penalties were handed out by the Courts.

Sir Hufton-Bufton, a man who wants to challenge the snoopers who snoop into councils that snoop on people who move through the shadows, said today "All this snooping by the TPA is costing the council tax payers a lot of money. It ties up council clerks time, keeps them busy on pointless and costly letter-writing, answering their drivelling questions, and is all together simply against the general public interest."