Is Anti-Social Behaviour Bothering You?

From time to time situations arise in our community which are upsetting. It only takes a few anti-social families to wreck an area. And no matter how great the will of the community anti-socialable behaviour officers, or the police, or locally elected representative, nothing can be achieved without the co-operation of the wider community.

When asked to do so, please take time to keep a diary of anti-social behaviour. This is the only way that action can be taken through the courts to prevent the continuing nuisance.

Right now, I know of a situation in Tithe Farm. In order to try and obtain more information and witnesses, a letter drop was carried out in the entire area, but unfortunately, only two people came forward to help.

To take meaningful action the enforcement officers need the support of residents who are prepared to complete diary sheets and be witnesses. If you would like to participate in such an excercise because of a problem near you, please let me know in confidence and I will pass your details to the relevant authority.

If any residents come forward the meaningful collection of evidence can begin. With the communities help the responsible authority can take action.