The Price of an Empty Pool

Today I called in at my local - albeit closed - swimming pool to take a few pictures of it in it's  emptied state for reference. To my utter disbelief I found the heat in the swimming pool hall was absolutely sweltering. Admittedly, I had just had a strenuous walk, but I wasn't prepared to be hit by that huge wall of heat when I entered.

When I asked why it was like a sauna in that huge room, I was told by someone working for Harper's Leisure that they have to bring the temperature down slowly for fear of bringing the roof down. Well, I'm no expert, but it seems a bit mad to me. It may have been 31 degrees when it was closed, but that was almost 2 months ago, and the temperature now is only down to about 28 degrees. So who's picking up the tab for heating this huge room? Harper's Leisure or Central Beds Council ? Flip a double headed coin, it's sure to fall on heads it's the public purse of CBC. And if CBC are picking up the tab, is that a cost that was costed into their "savings" plan?

But that's not all. The Changing rooms for the Centre are closed, too. I was told they had had an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease last Tuesday.

The pool at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre was closed earlier than previously announced, on September 4th, to save Central Beds some cash, and since been drained. The Town Council was formally asked to consult on whether to pay to keep the pool open, and that consultation letter is currently being delivered to homes in the town.