Houghton Regis Hit by Car Insurers

Originally published 5/2012.

Car insurance prices for Houghton Regis must be among the highest in the country.

Compared to last year my current insurer wants to hike up my fully comprehensive insurance premium by a staggering 50%. Yet none of my details have changed. Entering my details into a price comparison website this weekend I quickly found that I could get insurance for about the same as I paid last year. So that brought a smaile to my face.

But when I discussed this with someone else in Hertfordshire they were still wondering why my lowest quote was so high.

So, just changing the postcode in the price comparison website what difference did I find? Taking the average quote of the three companies offering the lowest prices, here's what I found:

Houghton Regis .... £371.92
Dunstable ............... £339.50
Blackpool ............... £333.93
Hemel Hempstead £318.69
Welwyn ................... £307.08
Thetford .................. £254.59
Camborne, (Corn.) .£216.25

Even on these figures, one company offered £0 compulsory excess in Cornwall, Thetford, and Blackpool; 2 offered £0 complusory excess in Welwyn and Hemel Hempstead. But for Dunstable and Houghton Regis, the mimimum compulsory excess offered by only one of these companies was £100.

Well, it's not fair. We're not a wealthy town. It's an injustice, and we need to be put on a level playing field. Motorists drive all over the country. Just because there may be a greater concentration of claims in one area - I have no idea if there actually is - should not automatically result in everyone residing in that area being tarred with the same brush.