What Are They Teaching Kids?

Quoted from http://michaelrosenblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/letter-from-early-years-consultant.html 

Edited quote: 
"We have the Year 1 Screening Check. Like you, I am at a loss to see what it tests, actually. 

Last year I was observing in a Reception Class and the teacher was ‘doing phonics’. Gold coins spun in front of the children’s eyes on the interactive whiteboard to form three letter words; some ‘real’ some ‘not real’, although how children are supposed to distinguish between real and not real is beyond me. 

Children had to give thumbs up if the word was real, thumbs down if it wasn’t. 

A little boy called Archie gave ‘thumbs up’ to a word that adults would know didn’t exist. The teacher asked him (very kindly) why he’d given the word the thumbs up. ‘Well, I thought it might be a word that I didn’t know yet,’ he replied. 

Where is the room in the test for answers like that? "