Cowering in the Corner

Son's homework was to produce a poem about trench warfare. Which prompted me to write one of my own.

Cowering in the Corner

The end is in sight, surely that is the score
I’m cowering in the corner, back to the wall
It may be the final hour, but I still doubt
That war was the answer to resolve it at all

Trench foot is disgusting, I’ve almost lost a limb
Rats run around, they're messing with my head
Lice in my hair, clothes reduced to rags,
Brothers-in-arms lie around me, they're all dead

Counting the cost of charges into no-mans land
It surely wasn't worth it, the madness of it all
One was my younger brother, just nineteen
Him by my side, when I saw him fall

I can’t take it any longer, I'm going to pull the trigger
Six weeks out of Blighty, it's been one big fright
"Hey soldier, Put that rifle down!"
"Medics coming, son, you're going to be all right"!