Election Boundaries

It looks as though the hopes of the Tories getting an easy ride into Parliament next time are not going to happen. That would have happened, of course, if the proposed boundary changes go through, and the number of MPs in Parliament is reduced from 650 to 600. Much of Dunstable would be lumped in with north Luton, separating Houghton Regis from the market town it gave birth to.

But Nick Clegg has vetoed the change, so Dunny will stay with its older parent, Houghton Regis, and Tory Dunstablians will be spared the potential embarrassment of possibly joining in a Labour constituency. So, though they may not be totally in tune with the idea, Andrew Selous and his band of followers are probably quietly thanking the Lib Dem leader for his intervention. To keep the current South West Bedfordshire constituency intact, will suit the Tories just fine.