Estate Now Looking Very Weedy

Took a quick spin around the Parkside estate today.

Leaving Parkside to deteriorate like this is not on. In the long run it's false economy as the weeds undermine the pathways and roadways which will require even more public money to put right.

And it's not just weeds that need tackling, it's self planted trees, too. Come on Central Bedfordshire Council. You can do better!



  1. Hi Alan

    We have passed your comments and photos onto our waste team via

    Grounds maintenance follows an annual schedule across Central Bedfordshire, with the second of two weed sprays due this month. Houghton Regis has been prioritised. Hedge cutting and strimming are carried out regularly throughout the year. The officer responsible for Houghton Regis will monitor and advise if extra cutting is necessary.

    Karen Aspinall, Central Bedfordshire Council.

  2. Thanks Karen. I have also had a response from Cllr Brian Spurr "I will see how fast we can work ", and my contact at Amey has passed messages to Highways.
    Parkside folk will indeed be watching to see how fast anything gets done.
    I was further perplexed when sub-contractors turned out this afternoon to trim bushes near me, which was hardly a priority. One wonders how your left arm knows what your right leg is doing!


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