Keep Away From Houghton Regis

I emailed the Street Works Co-ordinator today about the road works in Houghton Regis.

The current work is needed for UK Power Networks low voltage cabling, and will continue until the end of the week, being done off peak until 3.30pm daily. Temporary lights are in operation as one lane is out of use. These are being operated on manual timings (when the guy is not on his lunch break), and on automatic settings the rest of the time.

Automatic or manual doesn't seem to make much difference, actually, since the operator can't see the lengths of queues in all three directions, so his decisions are at best, a guess. I don't eny him in his task. If he had CCTV of queues in each direction this might improve on the guess work. It would certainly make more sense.

I did notice that traffic moving along East End and into High Street was leaving long gaps, and by the time the traffic arrived in the later period of the green lights at Bedford Road, these gaps were significant. If drivers didn't leave such long gaps, maybe a few more would get through in the green light period.

I also thought that traffic emerging from Bedford Road could be allowed to turn left at any time, with the proviso that a "CAUTION - LOOK RIGHT" sign was put up.

With lots more weeks of road works ahead, the message needs to go out to everyone in the region, "Keep Away From Houghton Regis!"

added 6/9/2012

Path works start next week. The Street Works Co-ordinator has stated in a memo to me, "When works start next week there will be no [temporary] traffic lights. The first set of temporary traffic lights will be after approximately six weeks of the scheme towards the end of October when the permanent lights are removed."