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What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us

One of my all time favourites.

Travel Choices
Central Bedfordshire Council have launched a travel choices plan to try to get people out of their cars and use other modes of transport. Admirable, but when people are already forking out a fortune for car insurance, they might be thinking "Better get my money's worth". Meanwhile  bus fares for the unemployed to travel from Dunstable and Houghton Regis into Luton to sign on, are not exactly cheap, so again it makes sense if they are car drivers, to carry on using their cars. If they want to make a difference, CBC ought to be talking to JobCentre about bringing their services over here.

There's some gems of advice on their web page like, "Walking and Cycling on a regular basis is good for your heart and lungs, burns calories and is a good way to a healthier active life" - but realistically I'd say that people wouldn't heed that advice unless a doctor told them to.

I've noticed that often you get two 38 buses, one behind the other; one would think they'd be able to resolve that by the last one hanging back a bit.

Anyhow, I'm not entirely adverse to the strategy; I do walk or cycle into our town centre when not intending to get a pile of groceries; and I've already asked the Town Clerk for something to lock the bike to - so let me know what improvements you'd like to see to make alternative transport to cars more feasible for you.

Travel Choices - Find out more

Manhole Cover
It's probably 17 months since I filed a report about a missing manhole cover from Windsor Drive (opposite Parkside Close). More than likely stolen for cash, the manhole was quickly covered with a temporary cover and has remained that way all this time. I filed another report to Virgin Media a couple of weeks ago. So I was pleasantly pleased to see the other day that we now, at last,  have a proper manhole cover in place.


  1. The LibDems are making difficult for us to run our country properly. They are complete Europhiles. Haven't they noticed that most of us are Eurosceptics and want to leave the EU? Oh, that's right, we're too stupid to decide our own fates. That's what the Libdems have done and think about us!

    1. Sue I empathise with you. A lot of myths are used by the anti-Europeans to turn the British people against the European Union.

      If the EU is so bad, why is Iceland knocking on the door to join?
      From purely a trade perspective, EU membership remains the best option for the UK. All the alternatives come with major drawbacks and would all require negotiation with and the agreement of the other member states, which would come with unpredictable political and economic risks.

      Furthermore, only 1.1% of UK government spending involves Europe - a fact that is hard to believe when we are surrounded by a predominantly anti-EU media. I would urge you to follow this link - "Euromyths debunked".


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