Parking on Double Yellows - Accident Brewing

It so winds me up that drivers continue to flout the double yellow lines in Dolphin Drive, Houghton Regis.
After I took this picture, this driver told me, "I only stopped to buy some cups of tea. You need to get a life."

Well, it's not me that needs to get a life. It's him that needs to save a life.

I'm sure he did just stop to get some tea. And I'm sure he was only a few minutes. But after he's driven off, some other yo-yo is guaranteed to park up there, too, within 10 minutes, to "only get a loaf of bread", or "only get a newspaper." And before you know it the area is occupied by vehicles all day long.

The double yellows are down there to keep the road safe throughout the day. The obstruction caused could easily lead to a driver overtaking said parked up vehicle, and  making error and an accident on the blind corner will occur. 

Worse, it could be an emergency vehicle obstructed from making progress to attending a local house. Seconds lost towards saving someone's life, or someone's home from going up in smoke. Still, chummy here can always fall back on his excuse,  "I only stopped to buy some cups of tea".