My X-Factor Verdict 2012

I've always enjoyed watching the UK's X Factor, but some reason this year I'm finding the US version has far more real talent. As to the UK, I have  previously had reasonable success at selecting the end finalists, so I'm having another stab at it this year, despite my reservations.

I couldn't sit through all the chit-chat, so I didn't watch it live. I just watched the "singing" on "replay", and made the following comments before hearing the actual judges comments. So who's going to win X-Factor 2012? Well, I put them in the order I think they might end up in in week one; the predicted finishing number is in brackets. If no number, then I just don't rate them for top places at this time, and they could go out at any time before the final live show.

(1) Jahmene Douglas - From the 1st time I saw this guy I thought, "another Neil Sedaka", even if he doesn't play the piano! Commands the stage. Great notes. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins it this year. Sensational. Fabulous.
Week 2: He seemed nervous, on edge, uncomfortable. not a great performance.

(2) Melanie Masson - Sensational. Raucous singer. BRILLIANT.
Week 2: I really didn't enjoy the song choice. And she was eliminated in Week 2! That's not right. I blame Gary for the poor song choice.

(3) Ella Henderson - a beautiful rendition of Gary Barlow's song. I always feel intimidated by the circumference of her lips!
Week 2: Singing Minnie Ripperton's song that I love. Afraid I prefer Minnie's version because Ella was all over the place in this performance, but very commendable for her age.

(4) Lucy Spraggan - fantastic niche singer song writer. The experience on the show can only boost her inevitable solo career to come.
Week 2: Always surprises me with her ability to compete from behind her own guitar. A huge and obvious future star.

From here on picking out where the rest will finish becomes difficult. So in order of appearance,

James Arthur has strength in his voice.
Week 2: Accomplished performance. I feel his pain.

District 3 are not for me. Thumbs down.
Week 2: A big song that might need more than three to sing it properly?

MK1 bring youth and energy to the stage.
Week 2: Don't like the male English voice on this Michael Jackson song. They're going out?

Christopher Maloney has a nice voice, and could easily be singing in the West End. He could dive in future shows, or rise to the challenge. One to watch.
Week 2: Very strong singer. Sings like Meatloaf!

Union J - vocally I thought this group were weak.
Week 2: I fell asleep watching them!

Jade Ellis - sounds a bit nasal. She's not going to win.
Week 2: Very stylish. Fantastic. Magical. Atmospheric.

Rylan Clark - Embarrassing. He'll get the gay vote, but not the singing vote.
Week 2: He's not a singer. He's a game/chat show host, and the tye of game/chat show I'd want to watch. 

Kye Sones - I've heard it all before. Doesn't grab me.
Week 2: Too much fire in the stage presentation!

Carolynne Poole - As much as I've been personally rooting for her in the run-up, I thought for this live show that this song was weak, and not a good song for the show; needless to say she was knocked out on Sunday of Week 1 when the judges put the verdict into voters tie-breaker.