Nadine Dorries Helps Tories Lose Bedfordshire PCC

Senior Tory councillor Richard Stay ( didn't think much of Nadine Dorries going off to the jungle.  Perhaps his anti-Nadine campaigning has helped fuel the Tories expected win in the Bedfordshire PCC elections? By all accounts some people have protested by either voting for Olly Martins in the PCC elections, the Labour candidate who won, or simply scrawling messages about Nadine Dorries, thereby invalidating their ballot papers. 

From Tory Richard Stay's Blog:

Sally Chidzoy, (Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC (East of England)  ‏tweeted :
Beds Lib Dem PCC candidate Linda Jack jokes granddaughter, 6 asked : "Nana, if you get elected does it mean you have to go to the jungle?"

Stay has been predicting candidates would lose their deposits in these PCC elections, but they all saved them. Stay is either losing his grip on predictions, or helping the Tories to lose elections, or both.

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