Shops and Retail Evolution

Jessops closed this week and HMV are now in administration and very likely to go into liquidation.  At the end of last year Comet closed and Staples announced closure of 23 of their stores including the one at Dunstable. Argos, too have spoken about possible shop closures. So what future for shops? Is shopping online killing our shops?
The world changes you have to move with it. When business struggle and go out of business the land occupied by shops should go back to green field site or housing. Newspapers used to be a 1p but they won't be that price again. Change happens. Our mobile phones have internet and cameras on them. You can buy cheaper online so why do you need to go to a shop?
We need to think differently and think it's someone job that might be being lost if we don't shop there. NONSENSE I SAY.
Who do you blame for shops closing? In a nutshell I blame technology but I don't think it's right to use the word blame. Rather better to use the words "retail evolution".
Shops that treat people special and provide good service will survive? John Lewis announced good profit returns at end of last year. Personal service in Ampthill toy shop is regarded as a reason for surviving.
People can shop online at any time of day or night. Amazon have huge sheds that don't need heating to a standard expected by walk in customers. As a conduit they don't actually need to stock product, the products can be ordered via them but may come in from Jersey, Cornwall, or wherever, direct to the customers home. IPad in bed late at night. Shop online. Driving to shops takes petrol, parking fees, walking effort, browse shop to shop to compare prices. It's so much cheaper and easier online. If you wanted to browse with technology in shops maybe you would want to take pictures on mobile phones to record prices but how would the shopkeepers feel about you doing that?
Shopkeepers and assistants could be partly responsible for losing customers. They don't look after their customers properly. Does the shop assistant care whether you're looking and finding what you want? Are they just looking glum? Do they even approach you or give you a smile? Will the assistant allow browsing and then offer to help? Many times they just totally ignore you. So you walk out and perhaps decide to look online. I wanted a certain shoe and size from a shop in Dunstable. I asked and was actually told to try their web site online. Instantly it ran through my mind "why couldn't they do that for me? " . I went home found the exact shoe on their web site and bought it that way.
What about people who cannot afford internet or computers? Where are they going to get their things from if all the shops close? Is that even a problem? Surely the Supermarkets stock many those little extras? Around here we have excellent range of food shops all trying to include products other than food. Dunstable has Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Farmfoods, Iceland, Aldi; Houghton Regis has Co- op, Tesco Metro, Morrisons as well as Nisa's; and over in Luton two branches of Lidl.
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