Stop Horsing Around

All that people are asking when it comes to burgers is that we are told the truth. So that's why Tesco and other supermarkets withdrew their burgers from stock this week because the Irish burgers didn't say that they had horse meat as one of the ingredients.

Now there is all this fuss, even vegetarians want to know that their burgers contain no unicorn. Gourmet meatball lovers are wondering if they're really chewing the dog's bollocks. At a fast food outlet if you're asked if you want anything on your burger the now usual reply is "yes I'll have five pounds each way". You have to be wary that those low fat burgers are not also high in Sherga. And I even heard that a man who bought a Bacardi, Captain Morgan, and a burger at a supermarket now has white rum, dark rum, and red rum.

I have probably eaten horse meat, it's done me no harm, so enough of this horsing around, and just tell us the truth on the food labeling.

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