Time For Some Action In Town !

I had a pop at illegal fly-posted signing in our town last week. But in our High Street area there is a lot of neglect. I want a smarter looking town. Am I wrong for wanting that?

Wonky Sign-post.

Rusty Bin. Ok, well it's not looking very smart ,but it still holds litter.
CBC 17/1/13: "Contracts Officer for that area to inspect and arrange replacement if appropriate. ref: 03229 "

This unused building is awaiting redevelopment. Meanwhile it appears someone has decided to elbow in some of the windows leaving jagged edges for anyone to cut their fingers on.
Another nearby building has a broken window, and I drew the shopkeepers attention to it. He said it was being fixed.

Alleyway nearby has discarded bus stop pole/cycle sign.
(cbc reference number for this issue is CRN 188426)

Same alleyway has a cabinet needing attention.

... And if you're all in favour of mixing old and new architecture this is the latest view.
Personally, I'm not that big a fan. By the way that yellow "M"arrow does not point to the car park!

No entry at all, at all.

Anyway, as any local councillor would do, I have made sure that all these things are reported to the relevant authority to deal with. 

And while I'm at it, I might as well advertise that I'm trying to get at least some of the pathway between Bovis Homes site on the Houghton Regis Quarry, and the A5 near French's Avenue, reopened. Subject, of course to checks by CBC, and agreement from the developers. It seems somewhat feasible. dlvr

Path might be reopened. Needs some fencing removed and hardcore in the red area.

A to B might be reopened at Houghton Regis Quarry edge.


  1. Wait till next year.. they'll be nothing left to moan about. It'll all be gone.


  2. Of course there will always be something to report for fixing. someone has to report it. there is no such thing as a fix it fairy.

  3. ... unless you expect me to go around wearing a tutu :-) I sincerely hope not!


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