Time to Clean Up Houghton Regis Road Signs

Apparently London, Hampshire and Somerset have been praised for axing "confusing and ugly" signs and now other Councils are urged to follow suit.

So, I thought, let's look at the signs in our town.

Immediately around the entrance to Morrison supermarket are three signs supposedly directing people into the new store's car park. Except one opposite is pointing to a car sales premises. There are  extra Morrisons fly-posters on the Bedford Road/ High Street roundabout. The store has been open about two months now. I think everyone who needs to know will know by now where this store is. Time to remove your illegal fly-posting, Mr Morrison.

Opposite the Co-op another sign points optimistically to the ground in an effort to direct people to the Community College and Sports Centre.
At the High Street roundabout with Bedford Road there's another ad hoc sign below the traffic signs.

The hoardings around the long burnt out Co-op store attract fly-posting. Meanwhile we all suffer the intrusion of "Living at the Edge" and "Tilia Park". Who authorises these, are they legal, and when will they be removed?

At the foot of Tithe Farm Road, if you're looking for the Medical Centre, you certainly won't find it in the trees that this sign directs you to. What you will find, though, is a forgotten, sad looking, dilapidated, "Bedfordshire" noticeboard lurking in the dark shadows.

Meanwhile, if you enter the town via Poynters Road you'll be directed to "The Parc" which was fine while the estate at Sandringham Drive was being built two years ago, but surely now is the time to take down those signs?

From Central Bedfordshire website:
"A fixed penalty notice of £80 can be issued to those fly-posting and to any organisation on whose behalf the signs are posted; multiple offences may incur multiple fixed penalty notices. "

So all in all, the signposts need a bit of a review and tidying up. Some could certainly do with a good scrub. For others, someone needs to be asking and deciding "whether we really need this sign, or not?".