Use Someone Else's Poop to Cure Your Diarrhea

I suppose my son's long-suffering with diarrhea helped this article to shine out at me while browsing latest science articles. 

Apparently, "One of the most promising (if not revolting) treatments that has been tested in recent years is called fecal bacteriotherapy or ‘stool transplant’, which involves taking donor poop from a healthy patient and inserting it into the gut of an infected one as a form of probiotics, seeking to replace the protective flora. 

I kid you not. So, that sounds pretty disgusting. Now, researchers have created fake feces, aptly named RePOOPulate.  Article:

By the way, my son's particular illness was diagnosed recently as Celiac disease which basically is an intolerance to wheat products, many of which he was very fond of eating. Where we go from here, I'm not entirely sure, although his mum is apparently having quite a time of it locating foods he can eat and not suffer from. I've suggested he brings his food with him when he comes to stop with me.