A Question of Gay Marriage

Would I go to a gay wedding? No. I wouldn't want to go to a gay wedding. It would give me the creeps.

That said, if the Bill goes through, there'll be lots of broad happy smiles in the gay community, planning their weddings, and generally cheering people up in a time of economic gloom, as they walk down the road. Perhaps the sudden outbreak of spending on gay weddings will even boost the economy and help get this country out of the doldrums.

Some say marriage for heterosexuals is for family life and bringing up children. But the same arguers overlook that gays can adopt.

Older heterosexuals don't necessarily marry for children; Surely they marry for love, companionship, security? Same for gays. No difference.

A civil partnership looks after a lot of the legal niceties. Are we saying that older heterosexuals should not get married, and instead make do with a civil partnership? No, that would be silly. So long as marriage is recognised okay for this group, I can't see how it would be equitable to disallow a gay couple to have something they call marriage.

#equal #equalmarriage adw Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. 400 MPs in favour / 175 against.