Clearing Rubbish From the Ward - Very Enjoyable!

Spent much of the day helping other volunteers to fill some 15 sacks of rubbish - mainly crisp packets, plastic bottles and fizzy drink cans - and we removed sundry larger items from an area of our Parkside ward in Houghton Regis. Apart from the fact I've scratched my hand, and been stung by nettles, I quite enjoyed doing it.

The project was lead by Parkside ward Town Councillors, Peter Carrington and myself, as part of the HOUGHTON REGIS TOWN COUNCIL VISION 2011 – 2015, part of which is to enhance public places by facilitating community litter picks. (Download the TC's Vision - pdf file -

The approximate area cleared was Brentwood Close, and Enfield Close, including a community garden by Sundon Road crossing, that had fallen into a dreadful state.

Now, if we can just start getting a few more volunteers to come forward. You know what they say, from little acorns grow large trees. So now I wait to hear from the townsfolk if there is an area of town they'd like to volunteer to help clear up.


  1. It would be nice to see a joined up approach to litter, and other mess across the Luton/Dunstable/HR area. So many areas are a dump, and mess attracts more. I use the train station at Leagrave most days, and the embankments are full of crisp packets, drink cans and Macdonalds wrappers.

  2. Gaz, maybe some senior figures in the top council can find time to discuss how this will be achieved. I'm a bottom up person (no, not in the drinking, or sexual sense come to that), so if the folk at the bottom demand a litter free environment, then its right to put public cash there to support the ideal. But if they don't demand it, what hope do we have of achieving that? Let's face it, to some folk picking litter off their own lounge floor is a step too far for them.


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