New Busway Banner Provokes Lively Discussion

This picture of the busway in construction has provoked a lively discussion on the Facebook Busway News Page

I took the picture yesterday at the foot of Blows Down, Dunstable while I was out walking with a party from the Wildlife Trust . The occasion was the hand over of land to The Wildlife Trust to manage for wildlife habitats in compensation for land lost to the Luton Dunstable Busway.

This particular spot is close to the public footpath that runs through the middle of Jeans Way, Dunstable, and where I have always supposed the people living in that area might have had a bus stop. As it is at present, their nearest stop is going to be at White Lion Retail Park, which is a mile away, or almost 2 miles by car in the other direction to Toland Close.

The planned bus stops are:

  • Luton Airport
  • Napier Park
  • Luton Station
  • Clifton Road (LTFC)
  • Toland Close
  • White Lion Retail Park
  • Portland Ride

Any other stops would be off the busway.

The Wildlife Trust have put in a certain amount of wire fencing at their side. At about this spot on the Downs side, is a certain amount of wired picket fencing which I've been lead to believe will be removed. On the Downs side is a fairly wide "no man's land" between the Downs and the busway. My understanding is that that is likely to be left for walkers, and to facilitate access for any maintenance vehicles. The conversation on Facebook has raised the matter of loose dogs wandering through fencing, unless it is wired up, too.

Other concerns revolve around the loss of wildlife habitat, access for people on motorbikes, potential for rubbish dumping, whether or not anyone will actually need it or use it, about the cost of it all,  and suggesting that "they" should have built a tramway, a road, or just reinstated the trains.

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