The Extra Cost of Attending Job Centres Caused by June Spending Review

In his Spending Review announcement the Chancellor announced that attendance at Job Centres would be changed to weekly instead of bi-weekly

In view of the Job Centre's policy of closing local Job Centres, in favour of forcing people to travel to their next town, (in my case, to Luton), I wondered if the Chancellor would also be increasing the allowances to redress the extra cost of travel? The cheapest current charge by Arriva is £4.20 for an all day ticket from Houghton Regis (to get to Luton), so for an unemployed person the cost of extra attendances required would amount to £8.40 a month.

I should also be interested in learning the additional cost of extra staffing requirements needed to deal with double the attendances. Is the Chancellor aware that those in receipt of JSA are required to complete by internet a record of their job searching? The records are available to the associate person working at the Job Centre to enable them to see that effort is being made to look for work. 

The measures announced are likely to increase bureaucracy, not cut it, and as such goes against the ideals I thought the Conservatives stood for.

Having written to my MP, Andrew Selous, I am now waiting for a response which is expected from Mark Hoban MP, the Employment Minister who is responsible for Job Centres.