Those Page Three Girls - Is It Time The Sun Changed its Culture?

Has Page Three had its day? There certainly was a different culture in the 70s. My perception is that today's younger generations are a lot less tolerant than we were. They are far more sensitive to all sorts of issues. My attitude to this latest campaign, to get the Sun to remove half naked Page Three girls, is to let the readers decide. If you don't want it, don't buy it. If The Sun took away its Page Three girls, would it still be The Sun?

I suppose I must have picked it up now and then while waiting my turn for a haircut, but I certainly haven't dwelt for long on page 2 or 3.

The petitioner has a rather naive approach in the campaign letter, taking the approach that News on TV doesn't have a "Page Three" moment, therefore The Sun shouldn't. Sounds reasonable, but there again, if you want serious news would you buy The Sun? Now, if the campaign was to get The Sun to actually give people news, I might support it.

Here's the link, anyway, for those who feel this campaign is worth supporting: