Can You Really Have An Independent Party?

Executive CBC Councillor Richard Stay this week has a pop at Independents, and the fact that Central Bedfordshire Council's former Labour councillor Julian Murray is collecting a bonus (worth £902 in 2012/13) for being leader of the second largest party on the Council.

It's certainly something that rankles with rank and file members of all political parties, the fact that they declare themselves Independent, and then hold "group" meetings to decide on strategy etc.

But I do sense an air of distrust about Cllr Stay's own allowance 'fortune'. He should tell us more about his own special responsibility allowance - its a role shrouded in mystery that is something known as External Affairs for which he was paid £10,423.13 in 2012/13; and that goes on top of his Travel (£2,618.45), Subsistence (£498.73), and standard councillor and ICT allowances.

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