Woodland Deteriorating As Litter Builds Up

It saddens me to know that there are people lucky enough to live within a stones throw of a wonderful natural environment, and yet just treat it as a dump.

So here, in this woodland near Fensomes Drive, we have a divan, two bases and a mattress. Quite a lot of effort to remove these items from a home. Whoever it was, and probably more than one person, lacked the common sense to arrange for it to be collected and disposed of properly. So now, hapless council employees are going to be faced with the hassle of removing them. I bet the culprits will be the first to whine about paying council taxes, without thinking of the extra burden they're placing on council tax by their thoughtless action. One mattress appears to have been set fire to, so I hope the rest are moved before the woodland goes up in smoke. Meanwhile the crisp packets and cans and other detritus scattered around looks a complete mess.

Meanwhile, I spied-with-my-little-eye something beginning with "s". It was a scooter in a tree! And when I looked around a bit more there was another one round the corner in another tree! 

April 25th is Pride in Houghton Day. A day for Central Bedfordshire and Houghton Regis Town Councils to organise a clean up and show that people care about their environment. So how many members of the public will come out to help?

It's a Friday, so that will disallow many working folk from being able to pitch in.

If anyone can do Saturday 26th, let me know and I'll fix it for you to help out.   Don't all rush at once.