Saturday, 24 May 2014

I just signed “Central Bedfordshire Council: We call upon Central Bedfordshire Council to make provision for social club premises in its re-development plans for the Co-op site, Houghton Regis.”

Find out more about this petition presented to Central Bedfordshire Council in July 2014.

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I just signed this petition and wanted to ask for your support. The more people who join the campaign, the more likely it is to win. Will you help by adding your name?

Central Bedfordshire Council: We call upon Central Bedfordshire Council to make provision for social club premises in its re-development plans for the Co-op site, Houghton Regis.

By Alan Winter
Houghton Regis, ENG
We ask Central Bedfordshire Council to recognize the value of a social club to a community in providing a place for social interaction of the residents.
The Houghton Regis Centre, a social club housed in temporary accommodation on the 'Co-op site, Houghton Regis' is being asked to vacate those premises by the end of July 2014, without any alternative accommodation being available. This is so that, under the terms of an arrangement between the parties, the Co-op can hand back the cleared site to the owner of the freehold, Central Bedfordshire Council. The club was a tenant of the Council until the time of the fire in 2006, but the Council has so far refused to indicate whether or not it will make provision for the club in any redevelopment of the site.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fly-Posters Run Amok: Town Smothered - Where Is Rapid Response Team?

On Saturday I took these pictures around the town. A frankly, unbelievable quantity of illegal fly-posting.

Someone has shown great exuberance and placed posters for a funfair EVERYWHERE.

Whilst the Town Council's railings on The Green are appropriate, the other locations that include Co-op hoardings, church car park, railings at Bedford Sq, electricity sub station Tithe Farm Rd, roundabout at Chequers including railings at side and at central reservations, and tied to sundry poles and posts throughout the central area are not acceptable.

Given that the posters are all for T G Smith's funfair, I was  hoping that CBC officers would be impressed upon to take swift action and enforce any appropriate penalties where necessary.

Today, 4 days after I wrote to Highways, I get the standard "our technicians have 5 working days to inspect and update the report, or 10 working days for street lighting issues" email back. I don't think this is good enough. We need a rapid response team!

Railings here would require permission from Highways, Central Bedfordshire Council

Railings here would require permission from Houghton Regis Town Council

Bedfordshire County Council noticeboard: normally disused, perhaps one of the few realistically legitimate places to put posters, provided they have permission from the successor council,Central BEdfordshire Council.
Railings here would require permission from Martin Slowe Estates who own Bedford Square.

I'm presuming they don't have permission from the Electricty folk ! Or from the Co-op who own the lease on the land here in the town centre, below.

Church car park, privately owned, CBC managed

More at Hillborough shops and elsewhere! It's ridiculous! 
I'm minded to do everything I can to stop them coming back!

Guidance Notes on tackling this problem can be found here (pdf file)

Monday, 12 May 2014

Now, Parkside can Grow it, Cook it, Share it

The message for my local community in Parkside, Houghton Regis, is Grow it, Cook it, Share it.  I'd have thought Grow it, Cook it, Eat it, would have been more to the point, but never mind, it's a great idea to try to  involve people in cooking better food, especially when their diet might otherwise be quite poorer.

If you are applying independently please contact Vicky or Tillie at Groundwork on 01582 720147 or email at

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bikers in Houghton Hall Park - Email address

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Do They Really Want Us to Vote ?

Central Bedfordshire Council have just issued a press release asking people to think about voting in the European Elections.
But 2 of the three of the links in their press release takes me to a page that says 

Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.centralbedfordshire

Friday, 2 May 2014

Woodland Cleared Up During Pride in Houghton

A few weeks ago I was going on about rubbish being dumped in the copse between Parkside Lower Recreation Ground and the new Sandringham estate. LINK 

Well, it turns out that the area was cleared up last week during the Pride in Houghton Day. Yey!

A couple of Biffa’s Task Force removed a lot of items of waste from the woodland area, this included the divan bed, a mattress, a chair and some metal items. The area was also litter picked. 

On top of this they followed up on my earlier request, following traveller's unauthorised encampment, for a clean up at the end of Parkside Drive. They arranged for the mechanical sweeper to sweep and clear the cycle path, then the crew went onto remove some items from the hedge at the edge of the path including a bike, a plastic chair and a large amount of polystyrene packaging.

In all, the crews were on site from 7.30am until around 2.30pm. Job well done, I'd say!