A Crossing For Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis?

I received an enquiry about a crossing for Windsor Drive this afternoon, so I thought I'd blog it.

When members of the public send in requests for Highways work, people are now being sent a stiff letter asking them to get support of local people including elected councillors. I am aware of the kind of letter that Nick Chapman is sending out. Indeed, I have myself been sent one.

This appears to be a directive from CBC to Highways to make them think harder about where they spend their money, and to make ad hoc requests from the public more quantifiable, and responsible. If that's the reasoning, then it seems like a good strategy to me, especially as CBC are facing another round of cuts (or a whopping council tax rise) next year, and need to get value for money.

I discussed this matter with the town clerk, Clare Evans, at the end of July and she was going to make a form available for members of the public requesting ad hoc work, which would indeed need qualifying by locally elected representatives.

As to the matter of a crossing (or 2 - I'm not certain if one or 2 were being thought about) on Windsor Drive, my understanding through my enquiries, is that members of CBC have actually given the go ahead for a crossing. Unfortunately money to do this work has not yet materialised, as it was supposed to have been done through developer contributions via the new Sandringham Drive estate, and these have since hit snags.

I have been waiting since the beginning of July 2014, which is when I last received an update on this matter from CBC, (including officers as well as Cllr Spurr and Cllr Young) to learn if there is to be any satisfactory outcome. I shall follow up on that, again, now.

I shall keep you all informed if I do receive an update.

If I do not get an update, the next public opportunity to voice concern on Windsor Drive would be at the Town Partnership Committee  on 20th October, to be held at Peel Street, Houghton Regis at 7.30pm. The Town Partnership Committee is a meeting of CBC and Town Council representatives, with officers from both council also present.