How I Scored Politically Against the Policies of All of the Parties

Which UK political party do you side with? I found a very interesting quiz today that asks you questions and determines your political stance against the political parties various policies or pronouncements.

You can drill down deeper and see where you share or differ in opinion to each party. It has helped me somewhat to underline my own discomfort with the Liberal Democrats (nationally), and my own decision to leave them earlier this month, making me an Independent on my local council.

Looking at the comparison scores below, I guess at the General Election I would be the typical floating voter to be won over.

Some of the questions asked left me needing to research further to make sure I answered in the way that best reflected how I feel; the quiz "Learn more" button helped me to achieve that.

My resultant scoring: Lib Dem 65%, Labour 63%, Cons 63%, UKIP 61%. To be honest,  I expected the Greens to show up a lot higher than 17%, but maybe I had previously thought that they had a different policy to the viewpoint I had. That alone is a good reason for taking the quiz - to see if what you think is really what your favoured party thinks.

I've noticed a commentator suggesting that this type of online quiz would be more democratic than actually voting in a polling booth. Not really sure how that would convert to a vote for a candidate to be an MP, but as pre-cursor to going into the booth to place an X (the mark of the illiterate!) it could be a useful exercise if some agreement could be thrashed out about all the algorithms involved.

It's got to be less time consuming than listening to hours of argumentative political speeches, and reading worthless reams of leaflets. But there again, politics is forever fluid, persuasion will never stop, and nothing is ever set in stone.