So, If Scotland Does Go Independent, What Will Our New Flag Look Like?

Just for fun, I had a look at what we have now, and what we could have.

Here's the familiar Union Jack flag.

This is a union of various flags. Firstly, the flag of St Patrick (Ireland).

Secondly, the flag of St George (England), a red cross on a white background, associated with Saint George since the time of the crusades.

Thirdly, the flag of St Andrew (Scotland),  also known as Saint Andrew's Cross or the Saltire,  the national flag of Scotland.

So, if Scotland goes, we could have a new flag. Take away the blue background of Scotland, and the white diagonal cross and that leaves us with this:

Boring! But, hang on, what about the flag of St David, for Wales? I don't buy the argument that we should incorporate Welsh dragons; we'd then have to think about English lions, and anyway my theme deals with  Saints. Well, here  is St David's flag, a national flag for Wales.

So, let's incorporate that, leaving us with something like this:

Ah, one more thought! Cornwall. Often pushing for independence, but how about making the people of Cornwall feel more welcome, by incorporating Saint Piran's Cross, also known as the Flag of Cornwall. A centred white cross on a black background.

So, that would give us our new union flag! That would look something like this:

A new flag for a new union?

Much better! What do you think?

So, after first writing this, I see a similar flag to this posted on the web site:

I like in a way as it gives the St George cross more prominence. But the Cornish white cross is missing!