WEEDS - Neglect of Our Housing Estates in Central Bedfordshire


Whilst out and about in my locality I obviously pick up on issues and problems and I don't claim a monopoly on reporting these in to Central Bedfordshire Council. So I just wondered what experience other folk have around our CBC area? Seems to me that there must be a manpower / financial problem in not getting attention to our housing estates. I would be obliged if by response, a CBC executive councillor would like to explain the reasons for the apparent neglect? These sample images were taken in my ward in Houghton Regis on 28/9/2014.

Alan D Winter
Independent Councillor,  Parkside Ward, Houghton Regis Town Council
Tel 01582 514654
Editor, Houghton Regis News Desk

(2nd picture (weeds at Parkside Drive crossing): 1/10/14 CBC have raised a worksheet for Waste Services reference 14/053112 to investigate)