Parkside Walk About. Problems Problems Problems. (sigh)

Out and about in Parkside, Houghton Regis today. A few problems reported. A few remaining.

Litter and debris near Bloomsbury Gardens

A mattress is dumped on path by Bromley Gardens  (and another in Long Meadow). And hardboard dumped at end of Conquest Rd. And more rubbish by garages in Linmere Walk (where incidentally, we still have the weeds growing uncontrolled by a partially demolished garage.

Railings @ Bromley Gardens bent and twisted.

An issue with frayed ropes at Parkside Upper playground reported to HRTC.

I've long thought that something should be done with the pathway leading from Sandringham Drive's new estate to Parkside Lower playground. The path leads through a small copse and is used by young mum's taking their small children to the playground. If you've ever pushed a pushchair through mud, I think you'll understand the issue. I think I'll have another stab at CBC's Travel Choices people and see if they can't fund a solution. After all, they seem to be happy to spend money helping two-wheeled cyclists in South Beds, so how about other, four wheeled, pedestrian vehicles?


Ongoing Fareham Way issue:

Need to chase up a certain CBC officer about this:

That'll do for today. (sigh).

Footnote 1/12/2014. Very responsive reply from CBC Environmental Protection Officer about the burnt out garage. "Have asked for a sample analysis to be taken in regards to the possibility of asbestos with in the waste from the roof covering. Once I have the results of that test we will be in place to select a contractor to clear and secure the garage. Once this is done I will finalise the case file and sent to our legal team."