Bikes, Quad Bikes

I've come across three burnt out bikes recently, one in a wood between Lewsey Farm and Parkside, the other two in Bloomsbury Gardens. When the police recover them to a pound, and are claimed by the owner from the chassis number, the owner is charged £150 to get them back. As in the owner wants the insult of the charged added to the injury of the getting back a bike that is effectively a total write-off. So, last night's Town Council meeting saw a resident come to voice his annoyance at such charges; sadly the police were unexpectedly unavailable to attend the meeting to hear his complaint due to being on training courses, but members of the town council will be taking up this point with the Combating Crime Working group that meets monthly with the police. [Picture: burnt out bike on my Facebook Page: ]

In my post box today was another complaint from someone upset about the nuisance of bikes and quad bikes. I am well aware of the nuisance and noise they make. The riders are acting illegally by riding on footpaths, on public land without permission, for not wearing helmets, and probably for not having insurance, too. With all those illegalities they are in high danger of having their transport confiscated and crushed.  I have already written on this topic in the past week to Sgt Linda Wilson of the local policing force, and to Olly Martins, the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner. 

When Mr Martins replied, he did so via my Facebook Page, "Houghton Regis News Desk". He took the opportunity to point to his suggested 16% increase in the Police precept from Council Tax. This would cost a typical band D property about an extra 50p a week, a band B property about 39p extra a week. For that he estimates 100 new police officers could be put out into Bedfordshire to police our communities. Whether or not you support this idea, you can make your view known at 

The Town Council currently have a contract with Bedfordshire Police to supply extra PCSO time at a cost to the Town Council of £33,000. From time to time the Police have mounted bike operation stings against these riders, involving them mustering officers from neighbouring police forces on bikes of their own. Personally, I hope that these operations will continue from time to time.

Burnt out bike shared to Facebook on 22 January: