Update From #WoodsideLink Discussion

'Woodside Link' will go through this scrubland between Sandringham Drive and Wheatfield Road. Photo: A D Winter
On Wednesday I was at our Strategic Development Working Group meeting at HRTC where officers, and art designers were present.

We were told that the scrub under the 'diamond shape' pylons east of the old Parkside Drive-Pastures Way buslink will not now be done in the first season; it will be left until 2016.
We were also told that it was not intended to remove all of that scrub, anyway, but rather to make a grass footway through it.

We did ask them about planting along the edge of the wall and they gave us their experts opinion that this might be difficult to achieve given the north facing wall, and limitation of water supply to roots, and so on.
The CBC commissioned artist explained her design for the the wall facing out onto Sandringham Drive. Colourful rectangular upright shapes of various heights would be painted onto the sides of the walls to break up the eye level; in addition the wall would project outwards at regular intervals. They showed us 3D cardboard samples of how that might appear, too, which was very helpful, but unfortunately this does not convey in a 2D picture. In addition, trees can be planted on the grass verge between road and cycle paths, further reducing the impact of the wall. They have pointed out that planting is due to go on the land between the new road and Frogmore Rd, and the foraging and other plants will get some public participation, as will the proposed design for the road side of the fencing.

The artist commissioned by CBC who came up with the acoustic sound wave on the inner side of the route fence explained how it would work. People would be able to download an app to convert the painted blue sound bars into noise.
After answering my questions on practicality, and road safety, I expressed reservations, but ultimately I think they will do it anyway. The choice of what sort of noise is to be worked out, possibly with some community involvement.

We were told that they would work with the community to put in planting (foraging, if that is what is wanted) in the community gardens south of Frogmore Rd.

I again suggested that CBC should set up a Facebook Page specifically to convey news of Woodside Link progress. This was on the basis that when Poynters Rd was closed for 11 weeks a couple of years ago, a specific FB page was set up for that, and this seemed to work quite well, with local residents being able to quickly find the information they want, and able to report the things they were unhappy with.