Aspirations? Forget it !

Section of  "Framework Plan" from CBC website

I suppose I could say that I had an aspiration to holiday in Hawaii every year, or to buy a new suit every month, but let's face it, as aspirations go that's all fine and dandy, but the reality is that aint probably going to happen. 

If we ever thought that the Houghton Regis (North) Framework Plan was ever a plan we could heavily rely on in planning terms, then we were sadly mistaken. For it is now abundantly clear that it is just a scribble on a bit of paper that totally lacks accuracy, sincerity, or even credibility.

The Framework Plan for Houghton Regis (North) was "just an aspiration" said the planning officer to the Development Management Committee at CBC, today. The "plan" was circulated in full colour on A3 sheets for its members at the meeting, showing broad green arrows where they had previously toiled to "aspire" to have green corridors from the east of Bidwell homes across to Blue Waters woodland. And despite this, two planning applications before the committee were clearly slap bang in the middle of these green scribbles. And they voted in favour of the applications. Thank goodness for those few prepared to vote against, or abstain from making a decision. Pity that more didn't.

My Report on the meeting