#HRN2 Site For A Cemetery For Houghton Regis?

At the weekend I had a wander over Bidwell. Along the Chiltern Way, past Blue Waters Woodland, through the mud, and then stopped to look over the land to the north.

Looking north towards Thorn Road from the Chiltern Way, with HRN2 outline planned 

Houghton Regis current cemetery is almost full. We need a new cemetery to last the town and the new building in the town into the future.

So, I've commented to  CB/15/00297 - Land West of Bidwell (Houghton Regis North Site 2) Houghton Regis  that up to 6ha being part of the area designated as Playing Fields, bounded by The Chiltern Way, Blue Waters Woodland,  and Sewage Works could be set aside for a new cemetery for Houghton Regis. 

Also suggested that the developers be requested in S106 monies to ask the Environment Agency to investigate the suitability of this 6ha for use as a cemetery, and if suitable, to request that that 6ha are levelled to prepare the site as a cemetery.

And that construction of site roads up to the Chiltern Way footpath be done as early as possible to permit access to this new cemetery site. 

Part of the Chiltern Way footpath south of the red-lined area already has a hedge, and this could be extended.