Car Parking Needs Improving at Hawthorn Park School

We need more parking spaces if the facilities run at and near Hawthorn Park are to continue on that site. The School, Jigsaw Centre, and Childrens' Centre staff, plus visitors share a car park which is not large enough, at normal times, and which suffers at peak school collection times. Parking overflows onto Enfield Close opposite, and frequently visitors park on grass verges. An effort needs to be made to create more parking spaces in this area.

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parking outside of marked bays in the car park
Highways have already responded to my request saying the area will be inspected, and then they'll need to cost out a plan and find a budget IF it's something they feel needs doing. So here's some more evidential support to help make the case that it should be done.

grass verge parking

parking in a hatched area

parking on "grass verge" - actually, it's mud now!